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Semi-Organic Growth. Tactics And Strategies Behind Google's Success

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An in-depth examination of Google's innovative approach to M&A Semi-Organic Growth presents a unique analysis of Google's distinctive expertise in the area of mergers and acquisitions, derived from more than 150 acquisitions carried out over the company's short history

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  • Google's extensive use of M A as a growth strategy has been in sharp contrast to the practices of rivals like Apple, and further contrasts with the failures of many other companies in corporate business development

    Learn why corporate M A activity often fails to add value Delve deep into the complex dimensions of M A integration Discover what Google has learned through specific deals Consider innovative integration methods that foster synergy Google is an iconic, premiere company, and it didn't happen by accident

    Semi-Organic Growth takes you through the core workings of Google M A to provide insight into successful strategy for the modern market.

    Their success is driven by their innovative approach to strategy in all areas, and their M A expertise has been a major contributing factor

    This book shows you the thinking behind the company's successful methods, and demonstrates the mechanisms behind the success

    Unique perspective reveals the lessons learned along the way from both successes and failures, and the companion website gives you access to the tools that help you implement what you've learned

    While organizational growth has traditionally been characterized as organic internally generated or inorganic from acquisition , this book examines Google's semi-organic strategy for accelerating product and service revenue, explained through a unique sector/subsector classification scheme that dynamically maps the media, Internet, and technology platform markets

    You'll gain insight into Google's disclosure strategies for private company transactions, and more importantly, their methods for integrating acquisitions into product and service offerings to achieve ecosystem synergy

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